What We Do





Sustainable Energy Australia (SEA) is an independent consultancy company focussing on sustainable energy programmes and infrastructure projects, especially wind energy installations but also biomass, geothermal, solar and tidal/wave energy projects.

The aim of SEA is to facilitate the development of distributed energy generation resources in an environmentally and economically sustainable fashion.

SEA has a vision of the energy system of the future that includes;

SEA was formed in 1998 in Portland, Victoria to develop a wind energy project (Codrington Wind Farm). Now based in Hamilton, the company has established a track record of successful assignments in all states and territories of Australia. We bring to all our work;


SEA is able to provide a total project solution for our clients. We seek to incorporate appropriate environmental and social outcomes whilst also improving the overall economic feasibility of our clients' projects. The extensive experience of dedicated staff is supplemented by a network of speicalist consultants and contractors, allowing SEA to provide the appropriate specialist services to our clients without incurring the overheads of larger organisations.